Our Vision

Eradicating genetic diseases by developing next-gen vaccines



That's how many people die from cancer every year - not to mention the countless genetic diseases that people are faced with. At Zelus, our vision is to create vaccines that give people around the world the comfort and peace of mind that their health is in good hands, and to push the field of medicine forward through prevention rather than creating another cure.

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Cancer is being treated.
Not Prevented.

Around 80% of cancers occur because of genetic variants in one's genome. If we can find certain inhibitors that will stop these genetic variants from happening, cancer can become obsolete.


Using Deep Learning Models to Find A Universal Inhibitor

Using sequence deep learning models and historical data on genetic variants and inhibitors, we will train a model to create new inhibitors that will stop all genetic variants from occuring.


You Haven't Got Your Cancer Vaccine Yet?

Cancer will become a thing of the past. Millions of people will be saved and be able to contribute back to society. We will also get a deeper understanding of how the human genome works.

Our Timeline

Our Commited Roadmap.

Present - September 2020

Data Collection

Using automated web-scraping systems, Zelus creates a comprehensive dataset of millions of vaccine candidate compounds and their molecular properties.

September 2020 - Febuary 2021

ML-Assisted Drug Discovery

With cutting-edge machine learning (ML) models designed to find complex features in complex data, compounds are narrowed and tested down to a single candidate.

Febuary 2021 - January 2023

Vaccine Development and Release

Zelus engineers the future by developing and releasing the first ever effective cancer prevention vaccine - all brought to life in under 5 years.

January 2023 - FUTURE

Working on a Universal Genetic Vaccine

By validating our process with our MVP, we will be able to conduct more research with ML technologies to find the universal vaccine.


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Chief Technology Officer

Vansh Sethi

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Chief Science Officer

Aaryan Harshith

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Chief Innovation Officer

Kael Lascelle

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Chief Executive officer

Khalil Alizadeh

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